Five trends to avoid


Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer
Wacky trends are not something that only our favorite stars do. There are plenty of them here at school. Not to be the fashion police, but people certainly have some, shall we say, different ideas about what is and is not appropriate to wear to school. However, I have to ask: What would Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of “What Not to Wear” say if they came to our prestigious school?
Wearing high heels to school
Ladies, there is a time and a place for them. High heels are no doubt a girls’ best friend and most hated enemy. They make you look great and yet they hurt like no body’s business. Everyone likes to look nice at school, whether to make a good impression on teachers or to look good for your crush, but high heels are going too far. They are impractical and make you look like you are trying too hard. What ever happened to a cute pair of Converse or ballet flats?
Boys, you have heard it time and again, and you still have yet to learn. Sagging does not give you swag. You are not gangster and you are definitely not cool. Many of you even know the history behind this trend, one which you would think would change the male species’ decision to show their underwear. However, this is not the case. You continue to show your underwear to the world, a world which undoubtedly does not want to see. Just take this advice finally and don’t do it! You are putting belts to shame!


Stuffed animal hats
What is with this trend? Wearing an animal on his head didn’t even look good on Davy Crockett, so why are you doing it? Stuffed animals are something to be left on your bed at home and not worn on your head in public. There are plenty of cute hats out there that don’t make you look ridiculous, but instead complement your head. Find those, and replace the animals.

Shorts and Uggs
Are you weather confused? Shorts and Uggs certainly give that impression. Please, check the weather before you plan your outfit. Shorts and Uggs do not save you from hot or cold weather, nor do they make you look cute. There are certain boots that do look good shorts and you are disgracing them. For example, wear some cowboy boots. Not only do you look weather confused while wearing Uggs, but it will make you physically weather confused. In hot weather, your feet will be sweating, which, in itself is gross. In cold weather, your feet will be comfortable and your legs frozen. This outfit is not practical!

The last but not least, the worst of them all: slippers. Has most of the student population turned into 80 year old men suddenly? I understand why those who do athletics might wear slippers, but still, you are athletes. You are supposed to be showing how athletic you are, not how doing sports makes you as tired as an old person. Also, it shows no propriety. People who wear slippers give the image that, A) they don’t care about school, and B) they have no self respect. So please, wear some real shoes, people.