Cheer team participates in USA Competition in Anaheim


Audrey James-Anenih, staff writer

Cheer’s competition team participated in the United Spirit Association Competition in Anaheim from March 28 to March 30. The competition team took seventh place out of 18 other schools. The 20th Annual USA Collegiate Cheerleading and Dance Competition was held at the Anaheim Convention Center.  The teams were judged based on the originality of their choreography, the timing and synchronization of their execution, showmanship and overall stunt technique.

Sophomore Alexandra Lamas and the rest of the team had to stray from their signature routine style and opted for something more bustling in order to meet the requirements of the judges.

“We had to stray from routines with stunts that we are comfortable with, in order to make it busy. Everyone had to be doing something throughout the entire performance. It was different, but we made it work,” Lamas said.

Usually the team practices to cheer at other athletic events, but when it comes close to a competition, it switches gears.

“We love practicing for games to support Beverly teams, but practicing for competitions is usually more exciting,” Lamas said.

The competition team did not qualify for Championships this year in Anaheim, but it will be on the sidelines cheering for the school’s spring athletic teams.