AP U.S. History classes tour Greystone Mansion


Braden Bochner, staff writer

Earlier this month, two AP U.S. History classes toured Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Both classes studied the history of the mansion and were given a private tour of the grounds.

After learning about Greystone Mansion last year, senior Daniella Hay approached AP U.S. History teachers Malia Frutschy and Dan Moroaica to plan a class tour.
“I remember learning about the history [of the mansion] last year in Ms. Frutschy’s class. I thought why not enhance the classes’ knowledge of the wonderful history by physically being a part of the Greystone Mansion,” Hay said.
Hay serves as the Beverly Hills Teen Advisory Committee’s representative to the Friends of Greystone Board of Directors.
“My favorite part about being a teen advisor is planning exciting and eye opening events for the students at school,” Hay said. “I’m really passionate about exposing students to not just the Greystone mansion itself, but also its historical significance of the Doheny family and its influence on Beverly Hills.”
The tour, conducted by one of the Mansion’s resident park rangers, discussed the history behind the Doheny family and the significance of the mansion and allowed students to interact and ask questions about the history they have studied.
“The Greystone Mansion provides an outstanding opportunity to view 1920s history up close,” Moroaica said. “From the Teapot Dome scandal to the Lindbergh kidnapping, the Greystone Mansion brings all of this history to life.”
Junior Richa Vijayvergia, who attended the tour was surprised with how intimate the mansion felt.
“I loved the scenery. It was such a beautiful house and the view was surreal. I loved how the mansion was big, yet cozy,” junior Richa Vijayvergia said.
By being able to tour rooms of the mansion such as the hidden liquor room used during prohibition and the room Ned Doheny was murdered in, Moroaica believes that “having history be tangible only adds to a student’s understanding of the past.”

Photos courtesy of Greystone Mansion