JV softball loses to Olympians


Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer

Yesterday, the JV softball team lost 14-18 to the Leuzinger Olympians after a grueling two and a half hour game in cold weather. Many of the runs that were scored were because of stolen bases and knowing when to take a ball or a strike. The team stole many bases throughout the game.

“I think they did great and they tried their best,” manager Nicole Mehdian said.

What really set the team back was the bottom of the first inning, pitching against Leuzinger. Though the team scored five runs, they gave up seventeen to Leuzinger mostly due to throwing balls.

“I think Alex [Denton] played with all her heart today; just because it wasn’t her best game, I thought she tried her hardest and that’s what counts,” shortstop Greer Brucker said.

In the middle of the bottom of the first inning, Brucker replaced Denton to play pitcher. After the first inning, the team did their best to make a comeback. They got through the rough beginning and were able to nearly catch up with Leuzinger.

“I think we really were able to pick up our game after the first couple of innings. Once we started to focus and put our heads into it, we allowed ourselves to play better and catch up with the score,” Brucker said.

The girls prepared for the game by doing many drills to improve throwing, batting, running bases and how to catch pop flys. Although the team lost, it was clear to see that the girls practiced hard. Support also helped. The softball team had a nicely sized support group of parents watching in the stands and cheering the girls on.

One supporting mother was Tara Brucker, alumni and mother of two members of the team, Greer and Reese Brucker.

“Greer Brucker’s first high school career pitch was a strike,” Tara Brucker said.

Despite the number of parents, the sports teams can always use a bigger support group. Be sure to come root for the softball team at their next home game.