Schneider hosts Costa Rica trip


Eunice Kim, staff writer

Spanish teacher Susan Schneider, along with teachers, parents and students, ventured into the jungles of Costa Rica during this year’s spring break. The Costa Rica trip, which was planned in December, was a chance for many involved to experience a new culture.

“For many years I’ve taken my students to Spanish speaking countries,” Schneider said. “[I think] travel is such an important part of learning and teaching foreign language.”

In order to set the trip into motion, Schneider visited an organization that specializes in internal studies and planned the Costa Rica trip with them. After the Costa Rica trip was planned, Schneider began gathering students who would attend the trip. While Schneider was recruiting, math teacher Jane Wortman decided to travel with Schneider.

“I was talking to the grandparent of one of the participants who mentioned that her granddaughter was going to Costa Rica with Senora Schneider,” Wortman said. “I called Señora and asked if there was room for me too.”

While in Costa Rica, Schneider and her group visited San Jose, the country’s capital, a rainforest called Tortuguero, the jungles around La Fortuna, the Arenal Volcano, the Caribbean Coast and finally the Pacific Coast.

Schneider and her group enjoyed various activities while in Costa Rica such as swimming, sight-seeing, zip-lining, kayaking, thermal bathing and more.

“Every day’s [schedule] was different, but we drove around the cities and ventured around the hotel,” sophomore Carli Stein said.

Students enjoyed the more active activities such as zip-lining and kayaking.

“I enjoyed kayaking because the ocean there was beautiful and warm. It was rewarding to reach the other side of the beach, and our tour guide gave all of us giant watermelon slices,” sophomore Tara Shooshani said.  “I had never been kayaking before, so I was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was.”

The Costa Rica trip helped students learn more about Spanish cultures that students are usually only able to experience through books. Schneider believes that through the Costa Rica trip, students were able to make new friends, try out their Spanish skills and have an experience that will “bring light to the classroom and foreign language.”