Seniors win low-turnout Color Wars


Audrey Park, staff writer
The seniors were victorious at ASB’s annual Color Wars in the Swim Gym on Tuesday, April 29. The event consisted of a series of games in which members of each grade level competed against each other.
“They compete in competitions, such as the three-point shoot outs and limbo and the grade that wins the most points at the end wins the game,” ASB sophomore representative Shawn Ahdoot said. “This is unique in the fact that it really gets all four grades involved in a single event and promotes grade spirit. It’s always really fun and one of our biggest events of the year.”
According to an email sent out before the games began, the freshmen were in the lead with 20 points, the juniors were second with 15, the sophomores with five points and the seniors with zero. At the games, according to senior representative Adam Steinberg, the seniors won with 25 points, the juniors and sophomores tied with 20 and the freshmen ended with 15.
Ahdoot believes that the competition among grade levels was especially high.
“The fact that the scores were so close stood out to me the most,” Ahdoot said. “By the last event, almost all of the teams were tied at 20 points and each game would make or break the team. In the end, the seniors won, but it was an incredibly close ending. All four grades competed really well and the and the Seniors almost lost for once. It was a really close game and it was really exciting.”
ASB senior class president Parham Senehipour was particularly impressed with push ball and tug-of-war because of the “improvement in teamwork.”
“I think the reason for [the improvement] is that our school spirit was much higher this time than it was in the previous years,” Senehipour said.
As part of preparation, ASB created committees in charge of aspects like games, decorations, publicity and equipment.
“ASB started planning for this event more than a month ago,” Senehipour said. “A lot of students worked day and night publicizing the event on Facebook, especially our ASB president who spent countless hours publicizing the event on Facebook and taking care of a lot of paper work.”
ASB adviser Mark Mead overlooked the event’s organization.
“I oversee the kids and try to make sure that we’re communicating with the school,” Mead said. “I also assign specific roles and individual assignments. We make sure that each person has a role.”
Steinberg believes that, although the event “ended up being good, it could’ve been better” had there been more publicity.
“I think we didn’t get as many people as we wanted. Junior/Senior Night was a success so we expected there to be more people,” Steinberg said. “The games were organized well. The food truck made a lot of money, and the timing was perfect.”
Senior Celine Hakimianpour, who attended the event, was disappointed by the small amount of school spirit.
“The turnout wasn’t as good. There wasn’t enough hype,” Hakimianpour said. “Because there weren’t a lot of people, there wasn’t enough school spirit.”
For next year, Mead hopes to move the date of Color Wars to an earlier time in the year in order to avoid other events, such as Advanced Placement testing.
“I know that a lot of juniors are feeling particularly swamped at this time of the year,” Mead said. “The word was out, but the turnout was small nevertheless. The people who came seemed to have a good time, but I think at this stage of the year there is a little bit of lethargy.”
Students can expect to see a possibility in the change of dates for Color Wars next year.