Facebook provides new way of communication in classes


Kevin Park, staff writer
This is the second in a series of four articles that will focus on social media and its place in high school.
Dan Moroaica’s class uses Facebook group to share ideas and information, providing place that students and teacher can interact each other easily.
Having been established in the beginning of the fall semester, Moroaica’s Facebook group, “Moroaica APUSH,” has been successful under careful management and vigilance. The group provides information of assignments and journals, test dates, special occasions and helpful online resources such as recordings of Moroaica’s lectures. These resources are a great help to students who are absent from school. This easily accessible and communicative group provides a utilitarian pleasure to both teacher and students.
“Facebook groups under a teacher’s guidance can provide easy access, fast and massive communication to everyone regardless of time and place,” Moroaica said.
Facebook has been reputed negatively because of its extreme cases of cyber-bullies and cyber-violence. However, Facebook still has its positive impact on communication, allowing it to easily override its negative issues.
It provides intuitive and accessible ways of sharing, communicating and participating in other online activities. By consuming these advantages, a Facebook group can also become a second classroom where students can share their opinions and help each other to learn, regardless of time or place. Thus, a lot of positiveness can come out from this method of using Facebook.
“Students already know how to use it. It does not require training for either teachers or students. It can be easily accessed from phones and computers, and teachers can easily control what should be posted or not,” Moroaica said.
In order to extinguish concerns about potential violence, a Facebook groups does require careful management and vigilance.
“Training teachers and vigilant students on the Facebook group to make sure students will use it appropriately will help maintain the group properly,” Moroaica said.
Using Facebook as a communication tool without careful approach may lead an unexpected result. However  the usefullness varies depending on how people use it. If people put their efforts to care and manage carefully, Facebook can be a very useful tool for classes.
“It is a tool everyone uses, and we should not turn a blind eye to it,” Moroaica said.