Joseph and Goler collaborate for AP Art History and AP Literature


Eunice Kim, staff writer 
Starting next year, art teacher Deborah Joseph and English teacher Julie Goler will teach AP Art History and AP Literature. Students who wish to enroll in AP Art History must take Goler’s AP Literature class. However, students who wish to enroll only in AP Literature may do so by enrolling in another teacher’s AP Literature class.
The collaboration of AP Art History and AP Literature was initially suggested by Joseph. She wanted to, “collaborate for a long time but in order for [this collaboration] to work we brought up the subject during the meeting for Teachers for Global World,” Goler said.
Goler and Joseph believe that visual and written forms of arts can affect human conditions. Through learning art history and literature, students will learn how visual and written forms of art have “taken the pulse” and influenced the human civilization through time.
“Critically analyzing a wide range of both literature and art through history nurtures the development of a personal aesthetic informed by a global cultural perspective,” Joseph said.
Throughout the courses, students can critically examine world cultures. AP Art History and Literature will use technology to identify into the world. For example, AP Art History will use ebooks, iPads and other digital technology.
“[The use of technology] also paves the way for an interdisciplinary approach with AP Art History and AP Literature,” Joseph said.
To add, a combined class enables teachers to take field trips or assign work that would usually take two days of class time.
“Our class will be held during fifth and sixth period. During that time, teachers can combine works and interact with students longer than most classes in just one day,” Goler said.
Joseph and Goler hope that their collaboration will “blend concepts that are a key component in implementing and understanding the 21st century skills that are essential to understanding the Common Core.”