Beverly students determined to stay healthy


Eleanor Bogart-Stuart, cub writer
Taylor Weiss, cub writer
Whether it’s a breakthrough juice trend or a wild new exercise method, students at Beverly are determined to do whatever it takes to stay fit. Some follow a certain diet, while others have a strict exercise routine. Each student has their own reason, but one thing is clear: they are all very motivated.
Staying healthy is something that students from all grade levels take seriously. Sophomore Amir Mowlanezhad has a set daily regimen, which includes a variety of cardio activities.

Sophomore Amir Mowlanezhad takes a break in between classes to do a set of push-ups.

“Well, when I wake up, I do some yoga for 20 minutes. Then I do some push ups, like 50 push ups. Then I go for a run, a 30 minute run, my morning jog… I do 20 hills, which consists of running 20 times up and down a hill and jogging back down. Then I do 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, and 20 pull-ups. Then at 5:30 p.m. I go for a 20 minute jog, do 20 more hills, then go home, “Mowlanezhad said.
Some students are part of a sport. This can be an essential part to their usual routines.
“Well Tuesdays and Thursdays I have soccer practice. On Wednesday I’ll either go to Soul Cycle or I’ll have a private soccer coach come to the high school and train me. Normally on the weekends I’ll have a game or I’ll go running or do something to keep myself in good shape,” freshman Lily Manavi said.
Physical exercise isn’t the only thing these students are interested in.  Diets, juices, any thing you can swallow, they are willing to try it. Many teens are willing to go the extra mile to look and feel great.Infographic Final Project
“I only eat organic stuff. No GMO’s, no genetically modified organisms. No fast foods. Every time I go to a restaurant, I go to an organic restaurant, such as Tender Greens. Then I drink two boxes of rice milk. I usually drink chocolate milk. And at night, I have a cheese sandwich,” Mowlanezhad said.
According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) animals on a diet with GMOs showed organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging and infertility. AAEM also urges doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients.
infographic 2
Part of staying healthy is eating healthy. Instead of a cookie, pick up a carrot. Substitute the good for the bad.
Fortunately for these students, Los Angeles has become a renowned hub for fitness fads that accommodate their health needs.  Juice cleanses and yoga inside of clothing stores are only some of the, admittedly strange, things people will do to be healthy. Students at Beverly don’t shy away from the unknown. In fact, they’re determined to stay as adventurous as possible. Staying on top of the curve of what’s new in fitness is what they enjoy. One of the more popular Los Angeles fads is Soul Cycle, an international chain of 45-minute long intense biking sessions which has recently found a definite foothold in Beverly Hill’s culture.
“I like Soul Cycle because not only is it fun and they play good music, but the instructors there like to give you motivational speeches to keep coming back and exercising. I think that’s really important for people when they come to exercise, even when it’s hard sometimes,” Manavi said.
Pilates is another fitness trend much like yoga, yet done on machines called “reformers”. Most teens think of being healthy as something that will only get you a toned body, or as a reason to take another Instagram photo. Many don’t know the long-term effects that exercises such as Pilates can give you.
“Pilates is a strengthening exercise. It it designed to give the ultimate full body work out in a gentle, effective, yet challenging manner. I recommend Pilates to our younger generation because they will have better posture and more flexible muscles. It has helped me throughout the years to become much stronger, have better control over my body movement and have a greater stamina,” Pilate instructor Bita Babak said.
Staying healthy is really all about the mind. Willpower, motivation and determination, is what truly separates the dedicated from everyone else. Students at Beverly have this mindset, but what’s interesting is that they all have their own valid reasons. It doesn’t matter if a person wants a great summer body, wants to avoid possible diseases, or just likes the taste of a green juice. If anyone has a reason to exercise and eat healthy, it’s a good one. Students at Beverly are determined and focused. Despite busy schedules, a surprising amount has found a way to maintain a consistently healthy lifestyle.