Determination Succeed in Summer


Ben Shofet, cub writer
Grace Manzo, cub writer
Raleigh Goldinger, cub writer 
While many students are out enjoying themselves over the summer, many other students are determined to succeed in high school by taking summer school.
Students take summer school for one of two reasons, to get ahead in their studies, or for credit recovery. Students, who take a credit recovery class, must take summer school. However the students who are taking summer school to get ahead, do it voluntarily to succeed
“All of us are here to get ahead in some way, to accomplish something that is out of a normal expectation,” summer school teacher Pete Vanrossum said. “So the result of that is that the attitudes of the kids tend to stay really good.”
Students tend accomplish more in summer school because they are only focusing on one class and not six other classes, Vanrossum mentioned. However some students feel that summer school can be overwhelming for because of the longer hours and large workload. Vanrossum
“I was originally sighed up for history and then I decided that it would be too much work for me and I’d rather take it during the year when I’d have more time to complete my work instead of cramming it into a five week period,” freshman Ariella Talassazan said.
Even though the workload that comes with summer school is overwhelming, students continue to take it because they are committed to excel in high school. According to Vanrossum, the students who take summer school are more determined than students during the regular school year.
“I take summer school more seriously; I just want to get it over with. And if I do well then I can enjoy the rest of my summer,” Talassazan said, who plans on spending the rest of her summer in Hawaii.
Students, as well as teachers, are willing to give up their summers to accomplish something above the average expectation. It may be for different reasons, to get ahead or to make up a class, but students at Beverly are devoted to thrive during their summer classes.
“Not trying in my classes was a big mistake I had my freshman year. Now that I’m taking summer school for credit recovery, I understand how serious high school is and how there is no room for error,” an anonymous sophomore said.