Suspect for false fire alarm arrested


Benjamin Hannani, Print Feature Editor
After numerous class disruptions, Beverly is now free from false alarms. An unidentified student was arrested for pulling a fire alarm today before Period 2.   While the administration was contacted for this article, they could not comment due to an ongoing investigation, but they have verified that a suspect was arrested.
Throughout the school year, teachers and students alike have been irritated by the fire alarms. The false alarms have been troublesome on multiple levels. Because of unnecessary evacuations, teachers had less time to instruct, meaning students had less time to learn material for their exams.
Additionally, the air conditioning in the main building is automatically shut off for the remainder of the day once the fire alarm is pulled. A particularly concerning effect of the false alarms was that students and teachers struggled to decipher between drills and actual emergencies. While the fire alarm’s intention is to keep students and teachers out of harm’s way during an emergency, in recent months it was abused to force evacuations, cutting class time.
As more information arises, this story will be updated.