Art club visits LACMA


Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer

Female artists approach surrealism much differently from male artists. Female artists tend to look to their dreams for inspiration, whereas the men tend to look to their lovers.

On Monday, April 9, the art club spent the afternoon at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The club visited the Broad Contemporary Art Museum as well as the latest exhibit on female surrealists in the Resnick Pavillion, titled In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States.

The group that went on the field trip consisted of sophomores, though the club welcomes all grades. The trip was coordinated by the club president, Sasha Park, who announced the trip at the meeting before spring break.

“It was well planned, Sasha’s great,” member Natalie Friedman said.

Friedman believed the trip was beneficial for the group because the art broadened the club’s horizons and made it evident how all members were passionate about art.

The surrealist exhibit was a walk through, showing many different mediums including paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The pathway twisted and turned with little nooks of art here and there.

“It was designed well, when you walked through it there was always like a hallway you missed so it felt like there was always more,” Friedman said.

Although majority of the group appreciated the surrealist exhibition, no one liked the more contemporary art exhibits. The group didn’t walk through only one exhibit, but through the entire Broad Contemporary Art Museum. They found it boring and nonsensical.

“I didn’t really understand the Ellsworth Kelly exhibit. I’m not the biggest fan of shapes being plastered on a piece of paper, even if it’s a form of post-war abstract expressionism,” sophomore Nicole Leibman said.

LACMA has many different exhibits that come and go. Some were disappointed that they missed other exhibits that they had heard about.

“My least favourite part was finding out that they had moved all of the pop art from the Resnick Pavilion (that I was looking forward to see) to a storage facility,” sophomore James Fast said, bummed at missing the opportunity.

Although some parts of the trip were disappointing, the students enjoyed their trip as well as the main exhibit that Park took them to see. Be sure to check out the surrealist exhibit which runs through May 6.