Photography club highlights various activities


Kevin Park, Staff Writer
Photography Club, which meets on the last Friday of every month in room 255, though has successfully taken part in many activities including many field trips and lessons, still feels a hunger to move forward, expanding its activities and membership to a bigger scale.Even though Photography Club frequently takes part in enormous activities, its goal remains friendly to any students whether they are professional or not.
“Our goal is to share our interest in photography and be able to talk about it freely among others who also enjoy not only photography, but art in general,” Photography Club President Eunjin Kim said.
Photography Club provides students both a place to learn and practice their photography skills and a place where students can expand their social experience with people who have similar interests.
“We usually eat lunch together, hang out, then we view slideshows of famous photographers and their works. We briefly explain the photographs, then discuss what we like and what prominent features could be seen in the photographer’s style. We also go on regular field trips to have a more direct experience with photography outside of school,” Kim said.
Going field trips in Photography Club is one of the most important activity which helps maximizing students’ opportunities to expand their skills and interests.
“The most memorable field trip was our first field trip to Annenberg Space for Photography. We viewed the Beauty Culture Exhibition, and got to take photographs of the surroundings, including the architectures,” Photography Club Vice President Yunjin Cho said.
Photography Club also accommodates an extensive introductory education of photography to beginners who are willing to learn more about photography.
“No one really needs a prior experience of photography or even a camera, because we can provide them. The only things needed are the genuine interest and passion for art and photography,” Cho said.
Having had successful activities so far, Photography Club is still keen to expand various activities in its agenda.
“We will be planning for the end of the year fundraiser that is coming up soon, and we will continue to discuss photography and explore the dark room for those who have not seen it. We are also planning to take pictures in a studio for students who want more professional pictures,” Kim said.