Senior photographers influence peers in classroom


This is one in a series of four articles about students who plan to continue their elective studies after high school.
Sadie Hersh, photo editor
Seniors Alex Ghavami and Dominique Desage both take their interest in photography beyond the classroom itself.
Ghavami has been in the photography program for four years, and Desage has been in the class for three years. Photography teacher Tim Briggs uses their work as the standard for other students as they set a good example for those taking photography.
While Ghavami wants to be a wildlife photographer, his passion for photography started even before he entered high school.
“I had an old camera laying around the house from the 80s and I thought it was cool,” Ghavami said.  “I thought it would be interesting to learn how to use it so I just got into it from there.”
Desage aspires to become a fashion photographer.  She was influenced to go into photography by her grandfather.  While she never met him, she had found out the he was a photographer and wanted to pursue it for herself.  Desage is a standout in Advanced Photography, as she inspires students to learn more and improve their work.
“I always do something or try something different and everyone asks meOh how do you do that?’ so I help everyone in the class or teach them how to do it,” Desage said. “Mr. Briggs helps me or teaches me something individually and then I will go and help other people do it.”