DECA begins internship program with Chamber of Commerce


Celine Rezvani, staff writer
A brand new internship program will become available to members of DECA as the group teams up with the Chamber of Commerce of Beverly Hills for the first time.DecaLogo
A Chamber of Commerce is a local association that protects and promotes the interests of a business community in an area. DECA is an club on campus that prepares students for potential career paths in finance, marketing,  hospitality and business management. Their goal is to make sure their members are career and college ready.
Aside from the state, local and national competitions, DECA takes part in numerous activities such as fundraising, conferences and community service projects. And now, the organization has gained the opportunity to work with the Chamber of Commerce.
DECA President senior Olivia Koshy first began working with the Chamber of Commerce over the summer.
“I had an internship with them over the summer, and they’re creating an educational committee with a main focus of getting more involved with our school, specifically with DECA,” she said.
Koshy sees the Chamber of Commerce as a means of linking students to the business district surrounding the school.
“We would have more opportunities to go to different events, and they would serve as a middleman between the business community and our program,” she said.
Koshy’s motives for becoming involved with the Chamber of Commerce are to aid students to learn in a less traditional and more hands-on way.
“We’re hoping that by getting an internship or a mentor, students can directly learn the material firsthand instead of through a textbook or online resource,” she said. “Right now there really is no opportunity for students to find internships, and it shouldn’t be so difficult considering there are many communities and business right around us.”
For more information on DECA and becoming a member, please contact DECA advisors Jarvis Turner or Charlie Stansbury in room 294.