‘Selma’ provides deep, meaningful historical interpretation


Juliette Deutsch, co-editor-in-chief 

“Selma”, a film directed by Ava DuVernay and produced by Oprah Winfrey, manages to depict a focal point in the Civil Rights Movement and American history.

Photo by Elvert Barnes/FLICKR

The film follows the events leading up to the 1956 march from Selma to Montgomery led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo). The film provides a historical interpretation, rather than a direct representation, of the relationship between Dr. King and President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) as well as King’s wife Coretta Scott King (Carmen Ejogo).

The movie gives the audience a deeper understanding of the burden that being a leading civil rights activist had on King’s family and marriage. To add, the impeccable costume and location designs create an authentic representation of 1960s America, which brings the audience right back into history.


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