Q and A with student photographer: Charly Azoulay


Ben Shofet, graphcis editor 

Highlights: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Charly Azoulay: I see myself as a pretty ordinary teenage guy. I like to shoot street photography, despite the fact that people are unwilling to let me take their photo, which just makes things even harder. Because of that, I like to bike to the beach and take my pictures there. People there are way cooler anyway. Besides that, though, I like to try and take things easy and kinda just go with it, whatever it is. I’m trying to work on myself, as I get pretty pissed off and irritated easily, but I’m still a good guy. And I’d say photography is one of my talents, though most people know that.

Highlights: Where do you like to shoot?

Azoulay: I pretty much take photos near Venice or at the actual beach. I’d say that’s my favorite place to shoot. I just go there by myself on my bike while listening to music, and when I see something I like, I take a picture. It’s just a nice and more laid back scenery that you don’t get here in the city. Aside from taking pictures there though, I also like going there because they just have cool shops and random juice bars that are good. I like exploring.

Highlights: When did you first get into photography?

Azoulay: I first got into it when I was in 13 in New York during my winter break. At that time all I had was my iPod Touch, so I just shot photos of all these massive buildings around me. Now that I look back I realized that was the first moment I had a deep connection with photography. After New York and shooting there, I started taking pictures on my own time wherever I went, again with my iPod Touch. I didn’t take it so seriously at the time, I just had fun with it. My sister saw some photos from New York and from that point supported me. My parents obviously want me to be a doctor, but I had my older sister by my side and hearing positive feedback from her made me want to do it even more. So, than freshmen, year I joined yearbook and really got to learn more about photography. No one particularly got me into it, but my dad has always been an artist on his own time, so maybe I picked up on his creative mind. But it’s not until recently have I realized that I’m genuinely into photography. I went to a fashion photoshoot and helped out with light tech a few months ago and despite it being an exhausting day, from 9 a.m. till about 11 p.m., I knew in that moment that this is definitely something I want to do. It’s such a good time, and I’ve never felt this way before about anything.

Highlights: Is there anyone or anything that inspires you?

Azoulay: Photography wise, I really like Doisneau’s work. He shot what I’ve always wanted to shoot, and that’s just life in the streets.

Highlights: Do you see your love for photography taking you anywhere in the future?

And I definitely do see photography in my future, and if I do pursuit it I think it would be fashion because I like setting things a certain way and have that freedom to do in that field. I just want to shoot for some major fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Dazed and Confused. I feel like I can bring a new perspective on things and really hope to get that opportunity in the near future.

Here are some of Azoulay’s photos, some of which he developed himself and some of which are digital prints.

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