ASB aspires for increased community participation at Carnival themed homecoming


Benjamin Shofet, co-editor-in-chief

ASB has organized various food trucks and games for a Carnival themed homecoming on Oct. 7. They have made an unprecedented effort to bolster attendance to this year’s tailgate and football game.

Photo courtesy of GRETA VOCI
ASB’s promotional Homecoming poster

“A major goal of ASB this year is to create an atmosphere that encompasses and embraces the interests of everyone in the community,” senior Vice President Lana Schwartz said. “At homecoming, our carnival tailgate is meant to get the entire Beverly Hills community involved, whether it be our schools’ clubs, businesses or families at the elementary and middle schools.” 

To increase attendance, ASB has planned a variety of activities and attractions to ensure that participants are enjoying themselves.

“At the tailgate, a student can find a plethora of different foods, including churros and Dippin Dots. They will also find the various games and photo booths available for the students. Some of the games include mini-golf and a special spin-the-wheel game, which can reward someone with a gift card to restaurants like Burger Lounge or Chipotle,” Senior President Ryan Neydavood said.

Departing from their previous tradition, due to construction, ASB was unable to plan a post-game school dance as they’ve done in previous years, according to Neydavood.

This cancellation has not resonated well with some students who looked forward to the dance.

“I do think that this was a step backwards for ASB. The DJ party was the only aspect of our school that connected us to a traditional homecoming event. Other schools in LAUSD, as well as other private schools, have homecoming dances,” junior Sophia Lynn Martin said.

Other students, however, appear to be indifferent to the fact that there will be no dance this year.

“I only care about the football game,” senior Brian Arianpour said. “I never attended the post-game festivities. So the fact that they don’t have it this year doesn’t affect me.”

The tailgate will run from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and the football game will start at 7:00 p.m.
“Homecoming is an event for the community to come and celebrate not only the football team but our school as a whole,” Neydavood said. “I hope everyone from Beverly Hills comes to Homecoming and participates in an unforgettable event that will be remembered forever.”

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