New math teacher brings varied interests to profession


Jamie Kim co-editor-in-chief

There are some who say that math is an art form, and new math teacher Ara Melikian has long ago found a way to balance both math and art in his life.

Melikian believes that his many interests, such as art, public transportation and, of course, math, are integral to understanding his multifaceted character.

One of Melikian’s greatest passions is transportation, specifically trains and buses.

“I love moving people and goods from one place to the other. I grew up in Europe and everything over there is with trains, so I fell in love with trains and buses. My favorite car in the world is a bus,” Melikian said.


Many of his paintings, in addition to photos of his train sets, can be found on his website, Toontown Milieux Photography.

One of Melikian’s favorite parts about art is the music he imagines while painting.

“There is a music that goes with every painting. I just can’t help it; it just flows,” Melikian said. “The music is in the head that moves with the painting. I never listen to any music; it just comes to me. It’s there when I am painting.”

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