Beverly Babysitters and Company provides community based care-taking service


Natasha Dardashti staff writer

Communication, design, advertising, business professionalism: all of these skills are required for a young entrepreneur to take hold in today’s economy. For senior Samantha Boudaie, CEO of Beverly Babysitters and Company (BBCO), these skills have been assets in her self-established caretaking company for the past two years.

Recognizing the demand for babysitters, Boudaie decided to design a website and kickstart her own company in 2015. BBCO emerged as a community-based business in Beverly Hills, offering babysitting services within the range of the city. After the initial creation of the website and establishment of the services, Boudaie recruited her friends and her sister into action.

“We kind of made it our mission to support our community by creating a safer and more close knit environment,” head babysitter, senior Lital Peykar, said.

Together, Boudaie and her team learned the basics of CPR, First Aid and housekeeping. Along the way, they were faced with issues of pricing and advertising.

“Along the way I encountered some bumps and made mistakes that taught me lessons, rather than held me back,” Boudaie said. “We learned how to find a sort of equilibrium.”

Despite the rocky beginnings, the girls were able to build BBCO into an in-demand service that has branched out to hire three more babysitters in Beverly Hills. Their services have extended beyond just sitting, and now offer tutoring, music lessons, party escorts, swimming lessons, park play days and birthday parties.

“It took a lot of diligence, and I couldn’t be prouder of all the work that I’ve put in, and all the payoff I got out,” Boudaie said.

To Boudaie, BBCO represents more than just hard work. Building a supportive community encouraged Boudaie to continue her services through uncertain times with the company.

“I mean, one of my fondest memories is from about a month or two ago,” Boudaie said. “A mother was just feeling really stressed out, so she got in contact with us so she could finally enjoy a date night with her husband. Seeing the relief on her face reminded me that there’s more that goes into this business than just business.”

The goals of BBCO still remain the same: establishing a safe space for parents to feel comfortable leaving their children.

“I’d like to say that we’ve brought the community more close together, as we try to reach out to our neighbors and welcome them into our homes, or vice versa,” Peykar said.

In order to expand the company further, Boudaie has even consulted the mayor of Beverly Hills, Lili Bosse. Boudaie and her team attended “Monday walks” with Bosse, as well as appeared at city-wide events to spread the word about BBCO.

“Lili Bosse has personally been a role model to me ever since my freshman year, and having her shout us out and let us know how much she loves young female entrepreneurs means so much to me,” Chief Director senior Chloe Levian said. “It really validates all the hard work that we’ve done and inspires me to work harder.”

With the each passing year of hard work put into communication and caretaking, the staff of BBCO continues to become more widespread in their mission, receiving around two to three calls to business per week.

“For the longest time, I always thought that communities are better than cities,” Boudaie said. “I love the idea of being able to count on a neighbor.”

You can find BBCO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Contact them here.


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