What not to do on your birthday


Pasha Farmanara, Web Co-Editor -in-Chief

Everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday. There is no better feeling than waking up on your birthday, knowing that the entire day is going to be dedicated to you.

However, some students are confused about how to celebrate their birthdays at school.  Many students forget that although it is their birthday, it is just Tuesday for everybody else.

Although this sounds simple enough, more than a handful of students inappropriately celebrate their birthday at school.

Some students choose to carry a flock of balloons, thrashing against the innocent faces of others in the hall and impeding students’ views in classrooms.

The balloons need to stop.

If we didn’t already know that it was your birthday, there is a good chance we really don’t care if it is your birthday. Carrying around balloons was cool in elementary school, but for now, please leave your wretched balloons at home, in your locker or in the attendance office.

Another infuriating habit of many students is not telling anyone it is their birthday.

Although this may sound contradictory to the balloon fiasco, it is just as bad of an offense. Too often I have a lengthy conversation with a fellow peer at school, only to go home to find out on Facebook that it was their birthday.

I always feel bad for not wishing him or her a happy birthday, but at the same time I’m not going to feel bad for not memorizing all of my friends’ birthdays. As the birthday boy/girl it is your duty to make your friends aware of your birthday, but in a subtle way.

Lastly, please don’t carry baked goods around for everyone to see. You WILL be mauled.

It seems like every day I see a horde of hungry students tormenting a girl just to get a free cookie that she baked for her friends. As much as I’d like to feel bad for you, girl, you asked for it. Carrying cookies through the halls of Beverly is like throwing a bloody body into a shark tank.

It is much safer to keep the goods hidden inside a locker or backpack, or to hand out the pastries as early as possible. It sounds simple, but this rule will eventually save a life.

That being said, everyone should still enjoy their birthday to the fullest at school. Invite all of your friends to celebrate at lunch, and even wear a little tiara. It’s your day to enjoy, but not your day to ruin.