Hulu Plus rises


Kevin Park, Staff Writer
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As a result of recent IT companies’ efforts to bring a more friendly entertainment media into the home, numerous streaming services have emerged and slowly begun to replace the old cable TV services. In this internet dynasty, many companies have jumped into this new entertainment business in the 21st century.
Among these companies, Hulu provides the closest look of our future TV streaming service where you can socially connect with your friends over Facebook and watch current TV shows anytime and anywhere.
Hulu had provided streaming service, mainly focused on TV shows that are usually dated. Although it did not have a variety of choice, it attracted customers by providing service without any cost. The turnaround opportunity came to Hulu when it started Hulu Plus service, which is a subscription product that costs $7.99 a month. Hulu Plus allows the customer a full access to many currently running TV shows with limited advertisements.
One of the greatest things about streaming services is that it does not have any limitation of time or place. With smarter technologies on mobile devices, now one can watch your favorite TV shows on one’s phones or tablets anytime and anywhere one wants. Along with this great convenience, Hulu Plus adds a very exclusive service: current episodes. Unlike Netflix, Hulu provides current episodes, updating daily and providing customers the experience of watching missed shows anytime and anywhere they wish to.
Another exclusive feature that Hulu Plus has is its social connectivity. Incorporated with the Facebook application, Hulu Plus provides easy sign-up, access, and experience of sharing your favorite shows or episodes with your friends.
Besides these two great features, Hulu Plus also provides a majority of shows and movies with 720p HD, though Netflix recently has launched few movies with 1080p HD. However, Hulu Plus’ quality and speed are still as satisfying as those of Netflix.
However, Hulu Plus does have two major drawbacks. First, Hulu Plus contains an average of nine advertisements in a show, taking anywhere from 15 seconds to 90 seconds for each advertisement, while Netflix does not have any advertisement. Although this gives the company a financial advantage, its viewers have not been so happy with their experiences.
Another drawback is that Hulu Plus lacks of contents, besides TV shows. Although it does provide more TV shows than Neflix, Neflix still holds the prominently dominant share in market of movie streaming service. In addition, Amazon and Google recently have started to catch up on streaming service based on their massive customer base with Amazon Instant Watch and Google Play. Thus, it is imminent that Hulu Plus has to find explicit solutions in order to survive in this bloodless competition.
Overall, Hulu Plus provides a great streaming service, especially for those who love watching TV shows. With its social connectivity, current episodes and great HD quality, the overall service is very satisfying. If you do not have time to watch current TV shows on your weekdays, you might as well subscribe Hulu Plus and watch them during your relaxing weekends.
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