The Avengers assembles, loads and launches



Kevin Park, staff writer

Having worked for more than five years just for this humongous project, Marvel Studios finally launched the most anticipated movie that it has ever produced on May 4 in the United States. The movie’s quality and fans’ satisfaction for the movie “The Avengers,” have been proved globally, making $414.8 million worldwide in only two weeks. Although it was directed by Joss Whedon who won his fame with “Serenity” in 2004, his lack of experience with Hollywood’s large scale blockbuster brought a public’s concern. However, despite the public’s concern, Whedon successfully managed to translate the superheroes from the comic books to the big screen.”The Avengers” forms a league of galaxy by bringing forth Hollywood’s famous actors and actresses, along with Marvel’s incredible superheroes. The biggest issue, however, was scale because of its tremendous scale in terms of both actors and actresses, and plot. Whedon does buster this mythical issue by blending all superheroes in an awe. Each hero gets his or her significant role in the league, and gets enough time to entertain the audience. “The Avengers” has proven that it is possible to create such a harmony in discord.Another entertaining part of this movie is the perfect combination of action and humor. The magnitude of action gives the audience an awe when Ironman shoots missiles and lasers, Captain America protects the heroes with his shield, Thor hammers thunders and Hulk smashes everything at the same time, making it worth watching in 3D IMAX. This awe directly transfers to the audience, especially to people who have been longing for super heroes, when they see these heroes fight together in one movie.Furthermore, its unstoppable humor keep the audience laughing from the beginning to the very end of the movie after credits. (Yes, there is an extra scene after the credits. Because the movie launched later in America, the American version gets two extra scenes! It is definitely worth watching both!) The dialogue among heroes not only captures the eminence of conflicts among them, but also brings forth such an unexpected wittiness. Ironman, played by Robert Downey Jr., as always, makes his usual cynical jokes, while Hulk gets a new “cute” role to make the audience laugh.
Although the graphics and plot are already satisfactory, the performances of the actors and actresses add a significance to this movie. Even though the actor who play Hulk has been changed three times, Rufallo does a great job by managing to show the internal conflict between his scholastic professor and the destructive monster. Rufallo, while playing Banner, also does not forget how to joke even when he becomes Hulk. The Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, and Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, also manage to keep their significance in the movie by supporting their heroes. Hiddelston, playing Loki, does a tremendous job as a villain who confronts six super heroes. His evil prominence definitely pars to bring a crisis to these six heroes with his notorious intelligence.
In the end, “The Avengers” is another superhero movie. However, it is not just a juvenile fantasy movie made for children; it not only gives the audience an admiration and inspiration, but also it gives an idea what our heroes are for in our society. Superheroes are not just celebrities with fancy powers, but people who are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their society. In conclusion, “The Avengers” unites the magnificent heroes perfectly without any imbalance, and fuses speechless actions and witty humor.
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