What Makes Beverly BEVERLY?



Veronica Pahomova, cartoonist
Sadie Hersh, photo editor
Lucas Harward, staff writer
Guy Ginsberg, sports editor
Celine Rezvani, staff writer
Juliette Deustch, co-editor-in-chief
Usually, orange and black are associated with Halloween. But, no longer. They’re the colors behind Beverly’s school spirit. These are the colors of the Norman Nation.
Beverly is the only high school that makes up the Beverly Hills Unified School District. That fact forms the base of the list of reasons why Beverly is so unique.
The Theater Department has six plays in store for the school. Also, Beverly has an award winning robotics team. Another contribution to Beverly’s uniqueness is the well known marching band, whose presence this year is called for in Disneyland, the “place where dreams come true”. Even the fact that this school provides interesting elective such as architecture, ceramics, photography and graphic design adds on to the list of pros. Or maybe, just maybe, Beverly’s reputation for greatness is thanks to the fact that the Swim Gym is featured in a Nickelback video.
Whatever reason it is, the students of the Norman Nation gave their own answers to a simple question: What makes Beverly…Beverly?
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9d-U75xGXQ]
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