Top 5 Korean BBQ Restaurants


Pasha Farmanara, Web Co-Editor-in-Chief
Korean Barbecue is a type of cuisine in which the diner cooks their own food. Every table is equipped with a hotplate, and they can order the meat of their choice. Los Angeles is full of Korean Barbecue restaurants, especially in Korea Town. I set out on a voyage to find the best Korean Barbecue restaurants in the city, and after eating at over 15 of the most popular restaurants, I’ve narrowed it down to five.
5. Choiganei (3916 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles)
Choi Ganei is a fun, cheap-looking place where high school and college students go for Korean barbecue. It is full of bright colors and is rather small. Despite the restaurant’s cheap look, the food doesn’t lack in quality and the service is great. My waitress didn’t know a word of English, but we still managed to order our food and have a great time. The price makes up for the downfalls: all-you-can-eat for $14.99.4. Chosun Galbi(3330 West Olympic Boulevard  Los Angeles)
Chosun Galbi is the Mastro’s of Korean Barbeque. The parking lot is filled with Mercedes, Bentleys, but it is all because the food is the best in the city. They use the highest quality meat, and it seems as if your server is always by your side. The major downfall of Chosun Galbi is the prices. The other restaurants on this list offer all-you-can-eat for around $16.00, which is the average price for one plate at Chosun Galbi. The quality doesn’t make up for the price.3. Seoul Garden(1833 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles)
Seoul Garden is a small, casual, yet quality restaurant. The tables are small, the isles are small, and the parking lot is small. Despites its size, it’s a great restaurant. The food is top notch, and the service is the best in the city. There is no all-you-can-eat option, but the good is not overpriced. The atmosphere is calm, and everyone is there to have a good time2. Hae Jang Chon
(3821 W 6th St Los Angeles)
Hae Jang Chon is one of the most popular Korean Barbecue restaurants in LA, which is obvious by the long, but worthwhile hour long wait. The restaurant is filled with younger people, mostly in their 20s and also has loud music pumping throughout the restaurant. The atmosphere is great, and the food is even better. Hae Jong Chon’s downfalls are the wait to get a table, and the obnoxiously loud music. It’s impossible to hold a conversation. They offer all-you-can-eat for $17.99

1. O Dae San
(2889 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles)
O Dae San trumps all Korean restaurants. When you walk in you feel as if you walked into a five-star restaurant. It is well lit, clean and simply looks like a luxurious restaurant. The meat is frsh and tender, and they offer a wide variety of meat, more than any other restaurant. And the best part is that all-you-can-eat is just $16.99. There is usually no wait to be seated since the restaurant is two floors, with outdoor seating. O Dae San’s only downfall is their service, but being aggressive can solve that problem. The quality and price makes O Dae San the best Korean Barbecue restaurant in LA.