Stay clear of the Gonzo


When good intentions meet terrible acting and poor plot “Beware the Gonzo” is the result. In the film, Eddie “Gonzo” Gilman, played by Ezra Miller is an ambitious high school student who hopes to reveal the evils of his school, Parker Prep, to the lesser known students of the school.
The first issue with this movie was the horrendous acting brought forth by a majority of the cast. The whole movie was filled with cheesy lines, unnecessary profanity, and change in character which were not intended. One could not watch the movie for five minutes without hearing an embarrassingly bad sounding line, a random use of inappropriate language, or even one of the actors completely switching his character.
Now that was just the first, and glaringly obvious offense “The Gonzo” violated in this so-called movie. The next problem with “Beware the Gonzo” regards the plot.
Gonzo is a student who stands up for what he believes is right for himself and for his friends throughout the majority of the movie. Toward the end of the movie, for no reason, Gonzo begins to treat his friends worse and worse, and by the end of the movie he has betrayed all of his friends. This action turned against his morals, and what he apparently stood for.
The last part of the movie that was disgraceful was how there were many loose ends. At the end of the movie, the reader is left with questions about the newspaper, his relationships, and his status as a teenager and a student, yet none of these questions are even addressed by the end of the movie.
Although the movie had great potential, brimming with great themes, the movie fell short of anything but humiliation, as it is a sure dud with any aged viewer.