Fundraising for annual trip to Albion Street


Karen Shilyan, business manager

A portion of the gifts, from Mattel's factory, for the students. Photo by: Shawna Mashian.
A portion of the gifts, from Mattel’s factory, for the students. Photo by: Shawna Mashian.

Every December, students, with the help and guidance of Service Learning, collaborate to collect funding to give gifts to sister school Albion Street Elementary School. Often these gifts are the only ones that the students receive for the holiday season. Donations from the PTSA, students, or personal donors such as Beverly alumni or faculty, help Service Learning pay for the cost of the toys.
From Nov. 17-21, Service Learning collected donations from students during sixth period. The donations are an instrumental to the event’s success; the toys often cost $3000 to $4000.
“Every year during our two-week fundraising events, we go into the classrooms and try to raise as much money as we can. This year we only have four days of fundraising, which puts a lot of pressure on us, but we are trying to raise as much money as we can,” Service Learning co-chair Shawna Mashian said. “But, you would be surprised by how much money the students can generate from each classroom when we collect.”
To understand the motive toward raising money, Mashian shared what determines the target price.
“We want to meet the estimated price of the toys. We find this price out by going online where we want to buy the toys. We found out the price quote and from there we determine the price goal. This year it is from $3000 to $3500,” Mashian said.
Mashian described the process in which the fundraising is done and where the money goes.
“We divide the regions of the school among a group of students for them to go and collect money. We set certain dates for fundraising, which ASB approves. Once they are approved, we tell the classes our pitch for why we are collecting. From there, we total it up and get each envelope approved by Trish at the student store,” she said.
Service Learning co-chairs went to the Mattel factory to hand select the toys for purchase. Toys were selected based on the trends of age and their interests.
“We know that someone in pre-k will like something that is more hands on rather than a sixth grader who would rather play with something like a scooter,” Mashian said. “It would be ideal to spend $10 per student, but sometimes we have to give and choose.”
Besides fundraising, Service Learning may also turn to the donations of the staff and other personal donors. In past years, the PTSA and ASB have provided the transportation.
This week, it is important for students to donate what they can so that Service Learning can purchase the toys for the students. It is our hope that with our donations we can make the holidays more enjoyable for the children. So, keep an eye out for Service Learning during period six!