Wes Anderson does it all with ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’


Jackson Prince, co-editor-in-cheif 

Photo by theglobalpanorama/FLICKR

Wes Anderson’s most recent disaster of utter brilliance was in the form of “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, nominated for its epicly picaresque journey and its unique lens upon an experience and an environment.
What is delightful about this film is that, if a viewer held a remote to pause the movie, a beautiful picture would be discovered at any point during the showing. That is classic Wes Anderson and that is incredible.
What might not be so delightful to the average moviegoer is the caviar-like quality of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and its humor. Many critics appreciate the movie’s effort, and the Academy is sure to consider it as top of the class. However, perhaps the movie is too elevated, too satirical, too ironic, to be Best Picture.
It’s still a damn good one.
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