‘American Sniper’ a sure shot to entertain


Marty Schnapp, news editor 
Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper”does an excellent job in not only thrilling its audience with military action but also exploring the emotional struggles of Chris Kyle, whose time in Iraq cripples his home and family life. Bradley Cooper gives an outstanding performance (and one different from past roles) as Kyle, whose Manichean view of death in Iraq leaves it to the viewer to decide whether he is a war hero or a cold-blooded killer. The film’s portrayal of the war in Iraq is controversial: many claim that Eastwood glorifies events involving the war and killing Iraqis, while others claim that Eastwood told the story true to Kyle’s autobiographical account, to create the most entertaining experience.

Photo by mymoviegame/FLICKR
Photo by mymoviegame/FLICKR

Best Picture nominations are rarely blockbuster films, but “American Sniper” brought in $105.3 million over MLK weekend, making it the film with the all-time highest-grossing January debut. “American Sniper” is not another “Hurt Locker”, nor is it as thematically simple as most Eastwood films. It is an intricate, complicated interpretation of Chris Kyle’s autobiography, a tale of overcoming the obstacles presented while adapting to civilian life.
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