‘Boyhood’ misses the mark


Celine Rezvani, staff writer 
“Boyhood”, the coming-of-age movie of the new millenium directed by Richard Linklater, has received attention and praise this awards season. It was nominated for five Golden Globe awards, winning Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director (Linklater) and Best Supporting Actress (Patricia Arquette). It is nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and both male and female Best Supporting roles.

Photo by machu picchu/FLICKR
Photo by machu picchu/FLICKR

We all know the story: it took over 12 years to film and features the same exact cast from beginning to end. Linklater’s ability to adapt the film to the growth of his children actors is unprecedented. Unfortunately, this is where the film’s astonishing qualities end. Though the movie captures reality, it is this realness that makes the movie an elevated yawn.
Though Ethan Hawke is terrific as always and Patricia Arquette evolves in a beautifully tragic manner, many of the minor characters fail to maintain the sentiment of the film. The film drags on at an impossibly slow pace, only to come to an abrupt and inconclusive ending.
Perhaps that’s life. But I digress…
The concept and potential of the film had me eager to watch it, but I was regrettably disappointed by this film in nearly every other aspect.
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