Service Learning adopts new hands-on approach


Karen Shilyan, business manager
Service Learning is coordinating their second semester events with the promise of a more direct approach to supporting the student body. In addition to new events, they have removed several year-long traditions that haven’t produced a strong turnout from students.
Service Learning co-chairs Shawna Mashian and Tina Youabian led the initiative to discontinue activities such as Staff Karaoke and Relay for Life in order to pursue events that members are more passionate about and, in turn, spur a drive for student involvement.
“We decided that it was a good idea to break away from the events that we were less passionate about and to start new events that the students in our class were really excited about,” Mashian said. “We wanted to branch out with events that some of the students spearheaded themselves instead of events we’ve done traditionally.”
In the upcoming months, students can expect to see new events such as Mental Wellness Week and a Service Learning side project, Bundles for Babies.
“We’re trying to get a weeklong promotion of mental wellness and physical well-being on campus. We want to promote students to take care of themselves during finals week,” Youabian said. “We’re planning on doing small things that will perk the student body up to make sure that they know the school looks after them and cares about them during stressful times.”
Senior Joy Won is a leading force for Bundles for Babies, a project in which Service Learning plans to use sewing machines and baby flannel in order to make baby blankets. They plan to make over 25 blankets throughout the semester with the hopes of delivering them to babies in need.
In correlation with Service Learning’s new hands-on approach, Bundles for Babies serves a direct purpose and allows participating members to see their impact firsthand.
However, second semester isn’t just about new changes for Service Learning. They will continue to carry on traditional events such as Hair Donations, the Prom Dress Drive and the Shoe Drive.