The Normans participate in blood drive



Kevin Park, staff writer
On Friday, June 1, a blood drive, promoted by Associated Student Body (ASB) and sponsored by University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), was held on campus, having 185 student and teacher participants.“On today’s blood drive, UCLA provided us an amazing opportunity to have a blood drive by providing us with delicate nurses and equipments. ASB staffs helped and directed participants to donate their blood safely,” senior president Joel Yadidian said.
Having been successfully run by ASB for two years, ASB is satisfied with today’s results.
“This time, it went better than last semester. We had more participants, since it was not overlapped with the World AIDS Day, which caused a problematic confusion last semester. We are quite satisfied with students’ participation this semester,” Yadidian said.
Satisfied with today’s blood drive, ASB is keen to expand the opportunities that come with this event.
“We have had blood drives only twice a year. We are pleased with students’ and teachers’ participation in the blood drive, and both ASB and I are looking forward to expanding this extraordinary opportunity by having more. We thank all of the students and teachers who participated in donating blood, and we have to say that our success was all made by your help,” Yadidian said.
Students who participated in the blood drive were also satisfied, and want to encourage more people to participate next time.
“Although my arms hurt little bit after donating blood, I am very glad that I participated in donating blood. I got two movie passes, and I think it was definitely worth. I think more students should participate, unless they have any critical health issue,” said junior Artem Kondratiev said.