Service electives look for new membership


A note from Mr. Mead:
Hello, Normans!
Some of you have been waiting for this, and some of you hadn’t even considered it. We need you to consider this… IT’S TIME.
Info Sheet:
Student body elections are coming up. We are looking for positive, caring, and fun individuals who are ready to support fantastic school events, clubs, and culture.
Important Dates
• Lunch Meeting at Room 300 on Wednesday, May 6 (mandatory for commissioner applicants)
• PAPERWORK DUE Friday, May, 8
• Three mandatory lunch meetings for commissioner applicants (for interviews and designing commissioner rubrics)
o May 6, May 12, & May 20
Paperwork for Elected Positions Available
Paperwork for Non-Elected Commissioner Positions Available
Service Learning is a 6th period general elective class. Along with coordinating and participating in existing community service activities and campaigns, we also help other classes and groups on campus engage in service related to their unique skills and interests.
You don’t have to be terribly extroverted or outgoing to be in SL, but being successful and satisfied in SL does require a desire to better your community in some way, whether behind the scenes making things happen, or out in front inspiring others.
Application linked here, on school website, and available in house offices. Deadline: May 1.
Juniors and Seniors, Link Crew Leaders are …. ANYONE. We need a wide variety of students to be Link Leaders because we will welcome a variety of freshmen to Beverly in the fall. Link Leaders participate in a fun, informative, and thought-provoking two-day training before school begins. Having learned the tools, leaders welcome and guide small groups of incoming freshmen on orientation day. Leaders continue to support with meetings and events through the year.
Application attached and in house offices. Deadline April 27.