Search for new principal begins


Veronica Pahomova cartoonist
Eleanor Bogart-Stuart staff writer
The departure of Principal Carter Paysinger is already old news. Now, Beverly has turned its focus to who Paysinger’s replacement will be.
Former Superintendent and current Executive Search Consultant Dr. Joseph M. Farley is on the hunt for the new face of Beverly, rummaging through a large pile of countless candidates in search for the best of the best.
Though the hunt has been going on for around eight weeks, Farley states that while this pursuit is not overwhelmingly time consuming, it should not be rushed.
“When it’s done well it’s done carefully and judiciously, it takes time,” Farley said.
So over the course of many weeks, a myriad of teachers, focus group members and Farley himself have begun to search for their new principal. With an extensive reference checking process, this hodge podge team is now interviewing possible candidates from southern California and the country.
“It has to be someone who’s experienced at a secondary level of leadership,” Farley said.
The candidate must be knowledgeable about every aspect of high school, from academics, to co-curriculars, all the way to extracurriculars. They must know how to support current and incoming staff members as well as parents of current and incoming students.
“We have an interest in somebody who will take Beverly Hills High School from where it is now, which is considered very successful, to an even more extraordinary place of achievement for kids and for the community,” Farley said.
Some of the search criteria includes previous work in school administration, general teaching experience and advanced degrees. However, there is no age limit.
Everyone is curious as to who will be patrolling the hall’s next year. Though they’re currently still screening potential applicants, the committee hopes to identify someone in June.