Renee Cobb’s ‘master planner’ benefits Beverly


Veronica Pahomova staff writer
Max Yera staff writer
When stepping into Renee Cobb’s House A office, one cannot help but notice that there is not one article of stationary out of place. The pens are neatly arranged in their holders and the notes and papers are all almost equidistant. The true treasure, however, is bestowed on Cobb’s wall: the master planner.
A former businesswoman who dedicated herself to teaching 15 years ago, her lively curls are not the only things she has introduced to this school. She also brings the gift of teacher-course organization that supports her love to keep everything as easy as possible for her teachers while she makes it her duty to settle the disarray of courses.
“It’s like a puzzle. I enjoy it. I have puzzles on my phone and I thought, ‘Gosh, I must really like this, who knew?” Cobb said.
The real majesty lies within the “master planner”, a jigsaw cluster of categorized scheduling that is assembled to be an aesthetically pleasing puzzle meant to organize teacher schedules for the year.
This puzzle is a huge board that occupies almost the entire length of the wall to the right of Cobb’s desk. And on that board is the name of every single teacher in the school, along with each period and class they’re assigned to. All teachers are color coded to their respective subjects, allowing Cobb to organize every teacher’s day according to period.
“This is the school,” Cobb said, referring to the master planner. “This is everything going on in the school, and it’s my responsibility to develop it and design it.”
The process starts toward the beginning of summer break and usually takes Cobb a few weeks to set up. However, Cobb’s methods of improving the scheduling process are not complete, as she now hopes to be even more efficient by beginning this method even earlier than the summer.
“Early is better than later,” Cobb said. “Because if you’re done by May then teachers can come and look at it and say, ‘Oh that’s what I’ll be teaching next year.’ Then student changes will happen in June and by the time we get to registration, everything will be nice and easy.”
Rummaging through all the notes of what course goes to which period and what teacher goes to what class, Cobb has managed to manifest an orderly system to benefit the students and staff. Even though this is only Cobb’s second year at Beverly Hills High School, this system of organization has already proven successful and she is already noting recent success.
“Last year we had to add different sections because we had an influx of students that we didn’t know about, but it seems like the schedule itself is very stable this year,” Cobb said.
The counselors do not have a sadistic mindset in their field of work or want anything but the best for their assigned students, as opposed to what many students seem to believe. The schedule that is constructed is designed to establish the perfect courses that benefit the teachers and coincides the main class requirements of the student body.
There’s a very logical reason for the placement and scheduling of every single class, and making revisions is not the most favored when appeared to be unnecessary.
Though Cobb handles far more than the basis of teacher-class planning, it cannot be dismissed that she is thought to be considered anything less than a captain of courses, a superwoman of scheduling, Beverly’s own organizational wizard behind the color-coded curtain.