Culinary Arts begins meal delivery service


Max Yera, staff writer
Beverly Hills High School’s Culinary Arts program has begun a meal delivery service available to Beverly’s faculty and staff. The service was introduced by Chef Rick Leece, Beverly’s Culinary Arts teacher, during the week of Aug. 17.
“It’s nothing against the cafeteria, but I figured [we could] give [teachers] more variety and more convenience [so] instead of having to go into the cafeteria, we could delivery to them,” Leece said.
Though the service is still growing, as it’s in only its third week of operation, Leece has seen evident early success. By his account, 25 to 30 different members of Beverly’s faculty have already requested its services.
The procedure for the delivery service is rather simple. Leece sends an email to faculty members regarding the different meal options, often ranging from $5-10. Leece and the advanced students of his Culinary Arts courses, prepare and deliver the food within a day or two, depending on the time of a faculty member’s response.
One faculty member that has been rather ecstatic regarding the new service is counselor Kate Marks. 
“I think it’s great. I can’t believe no one has done that before. It’s so easy. If you forget your lunch at home, you can just have a nice lunch made by the culinary kids,” Marks said.
However, the service is intended to benefit not only such ecstatic faculty members, but also these “culinary kids” themselves.
“[The service was also] sparked by the idea to raise funds for students during competitions so they don’t have to pay for the registration fee and they could learn how to do meal delivery; it’s like entrepreneurship,” Leece said.
This “entrepreneurship” has been notably embraced by senior Victoria Unzon, a member of Leece’s advanced cooking course, who has assisted in two of these meal deliveries.
“[The meal delivery service] has helped me introduce myself to new people, people I haven’t met and be friendly,” Unzon said.