Distance from home to school may make difference


Sophomore Bella Cura walks to and from school from her house on Durant Dr., the street that intersects the Science and Technology Building, every morning.


Sophia Goldberg staff writer
While all students must live in Beverly Hills to go to school in the district, the distances from Beverly to home may give some students a nice advantage before, during and after the school day.
Beverly Hills, at 5.71 square miles, which is one of the smallest cities in Southern California. While this may seem small, it may take up to 25 minutes, depending on the starting location, to get across the city during rush hour traffic. Living near the high school limits the time wasted sitting in the car trying to get there.
Some students believe there are many benefits with living near the school, from saving time to easy access to the campus.
“[Living near school is] very beneficial. I never have to save extra time to drive to school. It’s very convenient when there are school events because I can just walk right across. Also, I can sleep in a little later than I would if I had to drive to school. I can go home for lunch and grab my clothes for dance so I don’t have to carry them around all day,” senior Olivia Ayl said.
Others believe that there are only a couple positives that make the smaller distance to school beneficial.
“The only benefit I feel like there is for living near Beverly is that it is close enough to school to walk over and my friends are here,” sophomore Timothy Kim said.
The distance to school really doesn’t matter for some, as even those who don’t live across the street can still get to school on time and even early.
“I don’t think those that live near the school have a big advantage over those that don’t. They can walk and bike because of the shorter distance, which may lead to them being more involved since the school is more accessible, but overall, I don’t think it’s that important,” junior Daniel Yoo said.
No matter the distance from school, all students make it work and get to school on time, ready to learn something new every day.