Varsity volleyball bumps way to victory


The varsity girls show efforts towards teamwork after each play, huddling and patting each other on the back even when not receiving a point.


Natasha Dardashti staff writer
In the second to last game of the season, girls varsity volleyball won by a landslide against Lawndale yesterday. With scores of 25-7, 25-4, and 25-13, the team feels assured for the upcoming game to come against the Culver Volleyball Club on Nov. 3.
Winning this game has boosted the morale necessary for the last game of the year, which, according to team co-captain senior Sara Neiman, is “one of the most important.”
“It’s the seniors’ last game, the last home game, and a lot of our friends play for that team. This last game is probably how I’ll remember my high school volleyball career,” team co-captain senior Ada Nadzakova said.
All of the team captains agreed that teamwork can be one of the most important factors to winning.
“Each individual position did well, which really helped because we were all helping each other and playing for each other,” third senior co-captain, Rachel Monasabien said.
Though winning can be rewarding, Nadzakova says that it is not the best thing about playing.
“Winning isn’t necessarily the best feeling. What feels amazing is when you earn your points and see your team fighting for every ball, I think those make the best game,” Nadzakova said.