Pole vaulter Amanda Block ‘swings’ an acceptance to Brown University



Sadie Hersh, co-editor-in-chief
After spending her many days of her high school career lifting weights, running and training at UCLA, senior pole vaulter Amanda Block has earned acceptance to Brown University for fall 2016.
Block started pole vaulting in 8th grade, but her path to this sport came by way of gymnastics.
“I competed in gymnastics for 12 years, and knew I wanted something different. I was fortunate enough to find pole vault, which plays off really well from gymnastics because the skills and strengths of gymnastics are needed to be successful at pole vault,” Block explained.
Block committed to Brown University knowing she wanted to participate in the unique sport in college.
“I knew I wanted to pursue pole vault in college when I was a freshman in high school. I loved the sport from the first day I started and knew it was something I wanted to continue for as long as I can,” Block said.
With a personal record of 11 feet 9 inches, Block has improved her skills while practicing and competing with the track team since her freshman year.
“The track program at Beverly has allowed me to get faster and stronger which greatly helps me in pole vault,” Block said.
Block aspires to not only work on her passion of pole vaulting, but she would also like to focus on her studies.
“Once I get to Brown, I want to compete at a competitive level for Division 1 athletics. I also want to focus on academics in hopes of going to medical school,” Block said.