Hilarity of ‘Fuddy Meers’ begins tonight


The first of 3 previews for “Fuddy Meers” is tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Salter Family Theater. Photo by: MAX YERA


Max Yera staff writer
The Theatre Arts Workshop (TAW) will premiere its second fall play “Fuddy Meers” tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Salter Family Theater in what will be the first of three previews.
“Fuddy Meers” is a dark comedy that follows the abduction of an amnesiac named Claire as she encounters various amusing characters.
“It’s kind of a hostage situation meets prison escape meets family reunion,” theatre director Dr. Brad Vincent said.
Though evidently complex, the play is considered, at least from those involved, one of great hilarity and excitement.
“‘Fuddy Meers’ is a very high intensity and quick paced comedy,” senior PJ Goolsby said. “It’s so funny that even after four weeks, we still laugh at all the jokes in the play.”
One reason for such hilarity may not only be the script, but the comedic timing of this particular cast, who, according to Vincent, is one of the best in the country.
“I’ve taught at New York University, University of Texas at Austin, the LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts in New York City, and a few other schools, but I’d put [our] students up against anybody,” Vincent said. “I don’t think you’re gonna find more talented people anywhere in the country.”
Such talent will be necessary, as the cast will be practicing a “triple cast system,” in which the cast changes every night. Thus, seniors Ella Tat, Alexandra Smith and Tyler Ridgle will rotate in the lead role of Claire, as will seniors Scott Senior, Taylor Luke and PJ Goolsby in the role of Richard, Claire’s husband.
Therefore, though the play will continue onto the 9th, 10th and 12th through 14th of November, the play will indeed change every night. However, at least in Dr. Vincent’s eyes, this change adds to the excitement and uniqueness in the experience of seeing the play.
“There’s nothing like [a live performance]. It’s like trying to catch lightning in a bottle,” Vincent said. “It’s a unique experience that never happens again and it’s a great way to spend two hours.”