Model UN delegates triumphant at annual BruinMUN



Lauren Hannani staff writer
Members of Model UN were given several awards for competing against schools such as Mira Costa High School and Palos Verdes High School at UCLA’s annual BruinMUN conference on Nov. 14 and 15.   
 Junior Cathy Lee, sophomore Jonathan Artal, and freshmen Adriel Ghadoushi and Eli Boudaie left the campus with research awards and outstanding delegate awards for excelling in their overall performance throughout the two days.
“This is my ninth conference and it was particularly rewarding to win those awards seeing that I participated in an advanced committee with mainly juniors and seniors. The challenge of the debate and the sophistication of the delegates’ proposed solutions made the conference highly competitive and I was honored to be recognized at an event that I had prepared heavily for,” Lee said.
 Debating issues in front of many people was not an easy task for some students.
“This conference felt intimidating at first because I expected everyone to contradict my ideas and policies when I presented my country and ideals, and there were so many people with good ideas when talking, especially when we were talking about our resolutions,” sophomore Julia Marshall said.
However, the students were not nervous for too long.
“There were fifty people in my committee, so at first speaking in front of so many people was kind of scary. But by the second day, we were all very comfortable with each other and it didn’t even seem like there were a lot of us,” junior Johanna Lengyel said. “Also, when we had unmoderated caucus, where we could go around and talk to each other regarding issues and resolutions, it was really good to interact with so many people and hear so many diverse ideas.”
Overall, the delegates that participated in BruinMUN were satisfied with their experience.
“After debating and discussing possible solutions we eventually came up with very complex resolutions which felt really good after so much work,” Lengyel said. “It was just really good to look back at what little we started off of and eventually coming up with something big and important.”
Advisor Malia Frutschy is also very proud of her students for speaking up in advanced conferences like these.
Delegates have to speak in front of a room full of strangers, and sound like they know what they are talking about, and they have to have the courage to approach kids from other schools to begin negotiations,” Frutschy said. “I think it’s funny when teachers congratulate me, because it’s the kids that do all the work; they make me look good.”