Mock Trial adds new approach to debate


Sophia Goldberg staff writer
Learning public speaking skills and analyzing the justice system’s structure are the basic skills future businessmen and lawyers need to form. Now, students can join the Mock Trial Club to better these skills while interacting with their peers.
With around 20 members who participate weekly, co-presidents Cecilia Amato and Hannah Knecht work together to create a fun experience for students while working on reenacting the legal system of the United States in preparation for competition.
“Some students play lawyers and others get to be witnesses and made-up characters. It’s a really fun club because we can go to competitions and meet people from around the country. It’s almost as if we get to solve mysteries because this year’s case is a murder trial,” Amato said.
The purpose of the Mock Trial Club, as stated by Amato, is to learn about the justice system in our country and apply it to practical examples, this year the competition topic is solving murder trials.
“Mock Trial Club is an opportunity for kids at Beverly to learn more about the law and how our justice system works while at the same time taking part in made up trials to practice what we’ve learned,” Amato said.
The club’s teacher sponsor, Pete Van Rossum, feels that Mock Trial Club is a good way for students to enhance critical thinking and debating skills.
“I think it’s a great club. Some of the organizers were former students of mine and I knew they are very motivated,” Van Rossum said. “It’s a great way to practice critical thinking, debating and a whole list of other things.”
Knecht believes that she has already had many experiences so far in learning the formation of the club and skills necessary to be successful in competition.
“One of my close friends, Cissy Amato, is passionate about law and the justice system. She basically spoke to me over the summer and asked if I would be co-president of the Mock Trial Club,” Knecht said. “Mock Trial has been very useful to develop public speaking skills, develop analytical thought, and to develop how to think on your toes.”
Mock Trial Club meets every Thursday in room 277.