Seniors take gold in Color Wars


By Julia Waldow, Print Arts & Style Editor
The red-clad class of 2012 was red-hot (pun intended) during the final stage of Color Wars on Monday, June 11 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Seniors won 50 percent of the events, including limbo, the pushup contest, dodgeball, tug of war and pushball. Sophomores snagged second place due to their win in the Cheeto toss, balloon stomp and three-point shootout. Juniors and freshmen, who won the tennis ball trashcan toss and the flipper relay, respectively, tied for third and fourth places.
By the event’s end, the cheering seniors were ecstatic with their win over the younger classes.
“I’m very pleased with the fact that my classmates were able to gather enough strength to show what we are capable of,” senior Alejandra Mendoza said. “I’m also excited about the fact that this activity managed to unite all of the seniors and that we were able to connect regardless of the differences in social circles among the people in our grade. We’ve had a difficult four years, and we deserved to win in another battle in this era in our lives.”
Students enjoyed the games’ various activities and competitive environment.
“Color Wars allows Beverly to demonstrate how much the students love the school,” junior Josh Rosenberg said. “It enables the classes to have some sort of healthy, non-academic competition.”
Prior to the Color Wars games, students met in the swim gym parking lot to raise school spirit, buy t-shirts, show off their grades’ colors and grab meals from an eclectic mix of food trucks including Lime, Sprinkles, Dos Chinos and Green Truck.
“This food is really good,” Rosenberg cried while biting into a Green Truck cheeseburger. “And Dos Chinos is rated as one of the top food trucks in L.A.”
Filled with plenty of food and fun, Beverly’s Color Wars will continue to showcase its students’ athletic superiority for years to come.
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