Girls varsity soccer defeats Hawthorne in second league game



Lauren Hannani staff writer
Girls varsity soccer experienced their first win in League against Hawthorne with a score of 3-1 at the end of the game held at Beverly on Friday, Jan 15.
“I felt very accomplished and happy because we all worked very hard for this win, and this win was our first League win in two years,” left-back player sophomore Camilla Wolff said.
By halftime, the score was 2-1. The first and third goals were scored by junior Tess Reinhardt, assisted by juniors Montana Logan and Lily Manavi, and the second goal by freshman Lauren Stein. Along with the team’s effort to work together physically, the chemistry among the team members helped lead the group to their win.
“Everybody was working as a team and I believe that this was one of our best games so far,” Logan said. “I think the girls as individuals are great soccer players and together as a team, we are a competition to other schools. We are confident in each other which helped in connecting our passes and making plays.”
Although the team works together very well, there is still room for improvement while playing on the field.
“Sometimes we didn’t talk as much as we should have…because it’s very important to talk and let your players know if you are open or covering them,” Wolff said. “The more we talk, the better we can be as a team.”
Overall, girls varsity soccer is happy about their success so far and looks forward to defeating opponents in the future. Their next game will be on Wednesday, Jan 20, against Lawndale.
“I’m very proud that we didn’t give up and continued playing hard throughout the whole game,” Wolff said. “Hopefully we can continue to work together and communicate better and win.”