Daniel Kohanbash advises high school participation


Veronica Pahomova staff writer
When he’s not helping lead the Madrigals tenor section, he’s at the top of the courts, providing play recaps and giving a voice to the Norman Nation powerhouse that is boys varsity basketball. Even later in the day, one can find him having fun singing and dancing at AP Posse and theater rehearsals. Yes, these are all the many faces of the sophomore Daniel Kohanbash.
Winner of last week’s Shakespeare Competition, Kohanbash has no problem unleashing his inner Troy Bolton and shining at both the Swim Gym and the stage. School isn’t all singing and dancing though, and Kohanbash knows this as well as the next honors student. 
“Time management is the hardest,” Kohanbash said. “But, when you love two things, you will be able to do both at the same time. Often times I will have to plan days, even weeks, in advance to divide my time evenly among school and extracurriculars.”
Kohanbash says singing in Madrigals is, without a doubt, his favorite activity.
“Madrigals isn’t just a singing group; we’re a family. We all love what we do and put our voices together to create wonderful songs and wonderful memories. There’s nothing like it,” Kohanbash said.
Personally, Kohanbash loves being both artistically and academically involved in school, and Madrigals is only one of the many ways he has integrated himself so deep in the Beverly community. Anywhere on campus, Kohanbash shines in his own eyes and the eyes of his peers.
“I feel like being involved in high school is very important because not only is it fun, but you make so many friends along the way,“ Kohanbash said. “And knowing about half the school is pretty cool. You see someone you know everywhere you go.”
Kohanbash knows that colleges love seeing students who are well-rounded and not like “your average high schooler.”
“High school is a place that will find your strength and talent and expose it in the best way possible, giving the school a face to remember,” Kohanbash said.
Kohanbash’s advice to high schoolers everywhere is to get involved as much as possible.
“Stay true to whatever you believe in. Don’t let people’s opinions hinder your desire to do what you want to do. Enjoy life because you don’t always get the chance to do so,” Kohanbash advises. “It doesn’t hurt to just go out and discover what you can do, because you never know– there might be an opportunity waiting around the corner.”