Highlights takes first in LAJTA sweepstakes


Eleven students from Advanced Journalism and one student from Beginning Journalism stand with their awards after the LAJTA write-off. Photo by: Gaby Herbst


A team of 12 students representing Highlights took first place in the sweepstakes at the Los Angeles Journalism Teachers’ Association (LAJTA)  write-off competition at Cal State Northridge today, Feb. 27.  Ten of the students placed and will be moving on to the state write-off on March 12 in Long Beach.
The majority of the team was composed of underclassmen.
“I think it’s fantastic that such a young group could step up and win like that. It really shows how quickly they became strong writers,” co-editor-in-chief Guy Ginsberg, who did not compete, said of his fellow staff members.
Staff writer Keith Stone placed first in news writing while fellow staffer Max Yera placed first in sports writing.
Co-editor-in-cheif Sadie Hersh, who did not compete, said, “I am so proud that our team has been rewarded for the strong abilities they have developed this year!”


Sweepstakes: First place

News writing:
Keith Stone, first place
Jason Harward, second place
Opinion writing:
Veronica Pahomova, fourth place
Natasha Dardashti, tenth place
Feature writing:
Lauren Hannani, third place
Juliette Deutsch, fourth place
Sydney Tran, fifth place
Sports writing:
Max Yera, first place
Isaiah Freedman, fourth place
Vivian Geilim, third place