ROP/CTE Coordinator wants to improve education at Beverly


Evan Minniti staff writer
Students receive countless emails in their inbox each day. Whether it be from Jupiter Ed, robotic college admission advertisements or simply companies promoting silly expensive products, these emails are all coming from seemingly faceless figures you will likely never meet. With Career Day approaching, more emails have been coming, but these emails are coming from a person who not only has a face, but one you can see any day of the week: Cindy Dubin. But who is Ms. Dubin really?
Dubin is the ROP/CTE (Regional Occupation Program/Career Technical Education) coordinator. Although that’s a fancy and confusing acronym, what she does is pretty straightforward: she helps students with everything from internships to helping with organizing the field trips many students get to go on.
“We are trying to see that the kids have great classroom experiences and have great real world experiences outside of the classroom, which is a critical component of career education; meaning [finding students] jobs, internships and field trips,” Dubin said.
In addition to those roles, Dubin assists students competing in extracurricular activities and competitions.
“We are trying very hard to give as many students as possible some sort of competition experience so they can distinguish themselves regionally, statewide and now on a national level, so they can excel and pursue their passions.”
Dubin says that her own greatest passion is helping improve the education conditions on campus.
“I am trying to help provide the staff with as many resources as possible for them to have excellent, world-class career education programs here at Beverly, from KBEV to Robotics to our marketing and business clubs,” Dubin explained.
However, Dubin didn’t always work at Beverly. Dubin has a law degree and formerly worked as an attorney.
Ms. Dubin said, “Before that I practiced law, I am an attorney…I practiced corporate law, I practiced a lot of mergers and acquisitions for a firm in Westwood for many, many years. But they moved to Century City.  All I can say on that was that it was a great experience!”
Dubin has proved her commitment to the BHUSD and its students. Prior to her current position, Dubin volunteered as president for the PTA at both Beverly as well as at El Rodeo.
“I have been here since November of 2014, so [I’ve worked at Beverly] about a year and a half, not quite. Prior to that time I was very involved in the PTA, I was the PTA president at El Rodeo for three or four years and then at the high school,” Dubin said.