Highlights takes first place sweepstakes at State Write-Off


Photo by: Gaby Herbst


Coming fresh off the announcement that beverlyhighlights.com is an NSPA Pacemaker finalist, Highlights took first place in sweepstakes at the State Write-Off, hosted by SCJEA, on Saturday, March 12.
A total of 16 students from Highlights, Watchtower and Beginning Journalism competed at the event, with eight students placing within their categories.
“We kept hearing the names of other schools being called multiple times,” adviser Gaby Herbst said. “So, when they were reading off the schools for sweepstakes, I didn’t expect our name to be called. It was a complete shock!”
This is the first time since 2006 that Beverly Hills High School has won sweepstakes. Since 1960, the school has now placed first a total of five times.
“It always feels good to win,” Herbst said. “But what I love most is seeing students take time out of their weekend to compete. Even my kids who didn’t place were amazing sports; we won’t always win, but it’s great to put our name out there to see what we can do!”