Calendars introduced to classes



Guy Ginsberg co-editor in chief
Isaiah Freedman staff writer
After months of consideration, the school has finally decided to implement calendars in every classroom.
The purpose of these calendars is for students in each class to write down the dates in which they have an exam in one of their classes, in order for there to be more communication between students and teachers. The goal is to eliminate days where a student may have four or more exams on any given day.
US History and Government teacher Dan Moroaica believes the calendars are a good start, but he still thinks teachers should have final say on exam dates.
“I think having the calendars are a good idea, a good start definitely. But I still think that teachers should have final say on when they do give tests, but at the very least it gives [teachers] a good idea if they can move things around to help accommodate the students whenever possible,” Moroaica said.
Sports Marketing and Entrepreneurship teacher Charlie Stansbury echoes Moroaica’s thoughts on the new calendars.
“I believe them to be a great idea since they make teachers consider that kids really do have four or five other classes that require attention. They are very helpful,” Stansbury said.
Science teacher Steve Geanokis, who thinks the calendar system is “fine” would prefer a designated test-day system.
“I think we should have designated test days. Some subjects are Tuesday-Thursday, some are Wednesday-Friday, then nobody gets five tests on the same day. Maybe two, but not five. After that, whatever happens happens,” Geanokis said.
The calendars have only been in effect for about a week, so its impact is yet to be quantified.