Stansbury resigns, leaves legacy



Isaiah Freedman staff writer
Coach Charlie Stansbury has been a part of a multitude of programs over the past few years. He has been the varsity head football coach, DECA advisor and sports marketing teacher. Now, after three years of working at Beverly, he is resigning, effective immediately after spring break.
Stansbury’s wife received a job offer about three hours away, making the commute for work too long to sustain.
“I have had such an enjoyable time here and I hope I made it fun for kids here as well. Between advising DECA, coaching football and teaching in the classroom, I have gotten such positive results out of those experiences,” Stansbury said.
Stansbury acknowledges that he will miss this school dearly.
“This place is so unique. You do not really know how good you have it until you leave. Days, months later I will really begin to miss everything associated with this school,” Stansbury said.
Luc Mendez, who played football for Stansbury, was also part of his sports marketing class, and will miss his former coach immensely.
“I’m going to miss coach so much. He was a great football coach and sports marketing teacher,” Mendez said.
Junior Brian Hall, a student in Stansbury’s third period sports marketing, admired Stansbury’s calm approach to teaching.
“Coach Stansbury was a calm teacher toward us. He was definitely one of my favorites and I’m going to miss him,” Hall said.
Junior Justin Shamsion, another member of Stansbury’s sports marketing class, recalls his favorite Stansbury moments.
“Coach never gave busy work, only work that would help us learn. He was a funny and fun teacher to be around. Whoever we have teaching us after spring break will not be the same,” Shamsion said.
Stansbury’s most memorable moment in his three year tenure occured on the sidelines, coaching.
“Well, a lot of crazy stuff has happened here. I would say my favorite was when we beat Santa Monica in the Homecoming game this year,” Stansbury said.
Junior DECA delegate Greta Voci had some nice words for her soon-to-be former advisor.
“He [Stansbury] was simply the best,” Voci said.
Stansbury is unsure where he will end up next, but he does know one thing for certain.
“I’m not 100 percent for sure right now what is next, but expect to see me on the sidelines next year,” Stansbury said.